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Phewwww... this has been one incredible journey. I would have to say it is due to a team effort. I started this journey of weight loss alone, or at least so I thought. I was able to meet Marianne last year and learned that a team does a much better job. Marianne has been just as dedicated to my personal success as myself. Before and After My journey improved when Marianne informed me that there would be a couple's class. My team just got bigger with my husband as a new member! Having my husband take this journey with me made our time together enjoyable and even more successful. As of today, together we have lost 80 pounds. This journey is not over either! Thank you Marianne for making our lives more energetic and looking forward to our future in hiking, biking, and just spending time together that may not have been possible without you. Lyndsay Carlson (Fall 2010)

Marianne's Wellness Bootcamp is fantastic! Marianne is amazing!
When I signed up in January 2010 I was afraid-afraid of failure, afraid I wouldn't be able to follow the menu plans, afraid I would feel out of place. I have tried and tried to lose weight, never making much headway. But after meeting Marianne, I knew I wanted to sign up and at least try. I am so happy I made that choice!
Marianne has a tried and proven recipe for success! She is motivating, uplifting, positive, energetic and she will "push you to the limit"... in a good way. I look forward to every class with her. In fact, I wish I could have a "daily dose" of Marianne.
Marianne's menus are smart and user friendly. And I don't mean this as a cliché, but I never feel hungry! I am eating all day long.
If you are looking for a way to succeed with your weight loss goals, I strongly recommend Marianne's Wellness Bootcamp. I have lost weight. I have lost inches. And I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I am looking forward to another session with Marianne. Thanks Marianne! Myken Hurst (Winter 2010)

Last year I was fitting into a size 16 pants and wearing a size 2X blouse. I was tired all the time and very irritable. My blood pressure was starting to be high and I just didn't feel good. I just wasn't happy with the way I felt and looked. A friend of mine told me she was going to Marianne's Wellness Boot Camp and she just loved it. So I thought I would give it a try. Marianne has totally help me change my life and help me find myself again. She has taught me the importance of eating right and maintaining a schedule of regular exercise. The first session I had with her I dropped 40 pounds and 41 inches. I honestly can tell you all I did is what she told me to do. I followed her diet and I came to her workouts and I did the workouts that she told our class to do on our own. One thing I can say about Marianne is that she cares about everyone of her clients and she is there for you and for all the support you need. She is the best kept secret in Utah when it comes to fitness. After the first session I was in a size 10 pants and a size large shirt. I went to my doctors for a physical and I was in better shape than I have been in a long time. I am not tired anymore and I am a more happier person. After the second session I lost another 18 lbs and 25 inches. I am now in a size 8 pants. Not only has my life change but my family's. We all eat healthier and we all stay in better shape. My kids know when we go down town we park way in the back and we don't use elevators anymore we take the stairs. I just didn't do this for myself but I want my family to be healthier too. Without family you don't have anything. Thanks Marianne you're the best!!!! Glenda Bender (Winter and Fall 2009)

"It is hard to put into words what the Wellness Bootcamp has done for my life. I have been through 3 sessions with Marianne, she has taught me how to eat, workout, and accept my body. I have lost inches and weight and I love every week to witness the progress we make together. More importantly, I have gained friendship and sisterhood not only with Marianne but with the other women that has been invaluable and will be lifelong. I can't wait for the next session to start!" Jerri S.

Words can not describe how Marianne has changed my life. 3 years ago I had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. I was the type of person who would stand in back of the class so nobody could see me because I was ashamed of how my body looked. I would wear big sweaters with long pants during the summer. One day Marianne approached me and told me that I was beautiful. She told me that my body would change if I started to do her classes. Soon enough I saw AMAZING results. Now I am one of the girls that always wants to be in front of the class with little clothing. She has changed my life forever. Now every week I am excited to go to her classes because she is always trying something new and after 3 years I have not gotten bored of it. Thank you Marianne for changing my life... I Love You... Jessica (Winter 2008)

Feature Article in the Tooele Transcript Bulletin, December 4th, 2008

"Marianne is the best fitness instructor I have ever come across. She is very motivating, uplifting, positive and makes you feel like you can accomplish all your workout goals without feeling overwhelmed. I have loved her training techinque and would recommend any one to her.
I feel like I have more strength, power and confidence in myself each week I go to her classes. I love you Marianne, Thanks!" - Tish (Winter 2008)

"I was enrolled in Marianne's workout class last year and thoroughly enjoyed it! Not only did I start to see changes in my body right away but also in my mind and spirit. I noticed that I had alot more energy and just felt better, especially on the days we worked out. Marianne taught us about different muscles groups and nutrition.She shared great recipes with us and really taught us alot about healthy eating. Marianne is a fun teacher with a zest for life. I started to look forward to our work out sessions and it became the highlight of my week. It was also fun to get to know the other women in the class and watch us all progressing together. I am excited to start her next class and would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to get in shape and start to look and feel better for the new year." - Jill Huntsman, Erda Utah

"Marianne is an angel that was sent to help me. I am overweight and very conscious of that. I started working out with Marianne in one of her classes. Marianne made me feel so good about myself and was very aware of my progress, she always encouraged me and pushed me to do what she knew I could. I started to tone up0 and actually lose weight and was really enjoying myself. I am very grateful to Marianne. I feel that she is an answer to my prayers. I am so excited about her new class because I know what she has to offer. Thanks so much Marianne." - Ranae Vandercook

When I started this program I had doubts that it would work for me. I had doubted my motivation, my strength and my ambition. Little did I know I was in for the ride of a lifetime. Not only have I lost unnecessary body fat, I have taken that and turned it into muscle. When starting this program I was a tight fit with size 9 pants and accomplished this program wearing size 5 pants loosely. If that isn't a drastic change than I do not know what is. Not only have I changed the composition of my body, but my overall eating habits have made a complete 360. Many of us joined this program in order to see a physical difference in our bodies but I have gained much more than that. I have learned to have faith in my self and trust as Marianne Says: "We can change our lives, if we change our minds." I now know that I have the motivation, strength and ambition that I had doubted only 12 weeks prior. I truly believe in this program and will continue into the next class because I know that Marianne is here to help guide all of us women who need the extra push to improve our self esteem and overall healthy living practices. No words can express how thankful I am for Marianne's guidance, uplifting spirits and passion of changing others with her talents. - Dixie Fails Winter 2008

"I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than Marianne, as a trainer and motivator. Her classes are the highlight of my week. She is outgoing and fun and really pushes me to succeed. More than anything she has helped me to accept myself and enjoy being a "sporty mom" of 40 years old. I have never felt better or better about myself! Thank You, Marianne!" - Carissa (Spring 2007)